Proven Strategies – Consistent Returns

Earn Up To 14% On Semi-Liquid, Passive Investments in Real Estate Notes

Zeus Lending’s battle-tested approach has delivered uninterrupted returns between 6-14% through multiple market cycles, with an industry-leading default rate below 1%.

Imagine earning reliable monthly dividends at 3-5x the rates of savings accounts or CDs, with the security of knowing your principal is protected. That’s the power of investing in real estate debt with

Our proven track record speaks for itself:

The number of transactions we’ve financed in the last 20 years for families and investors just like you!


$7 Billion

The amount in transactions we’ve financed in the last 20 years for families and investors just like you!


The percentage of investors who started with us and are still investing in our debt and equity opportunities.

How It Works

We Pre-Fund The Loans underwrites and provides qualified borrowers short-term loans, secured by first lien positions on residential, commercial and construction investment properties.

These are typically transactions requiring time-sensitive funding such as fix-and-flip projects, fix-and-refi projects, transactional financing and gap financing,

Zeus Lending
Zeus Lending

Investor Picks A Project

Our Debt Investors select a project with a guaranteed interest rate (typically 10-14%) and participate by funding $50,000 to 100% of the loan amount and start earning immediate monthly interest payments until the loan is paid in full.

Unlike real estate investment funds and REITs, our Debt Investor’s money will never be pooled with other investors. Each investment is paired directly to a single project and a first (superior) lien is assigned to the investor as collateral against their investment. The Investor can actually visit the property used as collateral for their investment.

We Protect The Principal

Since pre-funds all projects in the first lien position, typically between 50% to 75% of the property’s quick sale value, and only to very well-qualified borrowers, if a non-performing asset is acquired, it is quickly stabilized and marketed for resale by our in-house asset management team. The excess equity (35%) creates a quick sale that generally offsets the investment, return, and costs.

With an industry-leading default rate below 1% and no loss of principal to our investors, it’s no wonder that 94% of our investors keep coming back to grow their wealth year after year.

Zeus Lending
Zeus Lending

Investor Gets Paid makes it simple. Our Debt Investors can sit back and collect their returns, which are paid monthly in interest-only installments until the principal is paid off in full.

When a loan is paid in full, the investor has the option to withdraw their principal or invest the proceeds in a new project.

Investors should anticipate a 12 to 60-month holding period, depending on the project. However, the average investment is paid off well before maturity.

Ways To Invest

Our investors typically fund these loans in one of two ways:

1. Cash Savings: Investors use their cash savings to earn up to 14% annual interest with the flexibility to withdraw once per year.

2. Self-Directed IRA: Investors who want to enjoy deferred tax benefits can invest through a self-directed IRA and let handle all the details. doesn’t charge any additional fees to the Debt Investor.

Zeus Lending