Zeus Companies

A private equity operating company, Zeus Companies oversees a real estate equity firm, a leading mortgage lending company, and a healthcare asset investment firm with a combined asset value of nearly $1 billion. For over 20 years, Zeus has paid uninterrupted monthly distributions to investors.


$1 Billion

Assets Under Management

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For over two decades, Zeus Companies has aligned our portfolio around real estate and healthcare to deliver consistent vertical growth. Through precision underwriting and our extensive experience in real estate development, Zeus Companies brings value to the communities we inhabit and delivers above market return to the investors who trust us.

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For over 20 years ZeusLending.com has been the trusted partner for investors seeking an alternative to traditional savings accounts and the unpredictable stock market by providing consistent and attractive returns through real estate debt investments.

As a leader in online real estate lending ZeusLending.com is the only direct lender offering conventional, hard money, and non-traditional borrower loans in the country.


Zeus Equity Group

Zeus Equity Group

Invest with Zeus in a real estate project and come away with your principal plus a share of the profits from the sale of that property.

With $600 million in assets under management, Zeus Equity Group has successfully paid uninterrupted monthly distributions for over two decades, and it has a 94% investor reinvestment rate. The Zeus Private Fund, a $100 million multi-asset real estate fund with a 16%+ IRR, represents Zeus’s fourth fund, which is currently accepting new investors.

Zeus Healthcare

Zeus Healthcare is a prominent healthcare asset investment firm with a unique portfolio that encompasses a chain of state-of-the-art free-standing emergency rooms and a dynamic wellness brand.

Leveraging their expertise in real estate development, Zeus Healthcare has positioned itself as a leader in providing accessible and high-quality medical care through their emergency room facilities while also promoting overall well-being through their lifestyle wellness initiative.

Zeus Healthcare